Runyan Tours Barnegat Bay

Sep 4, 2012
Runyan Tours Barnegat Bay

Washington, D.C. – On Tuesday August 28th, Congressman Jon Runyan (R-NJ) toured Barnegat Bay in conjunction with the Barnegat Bay Partnership, which receives funding from the National Estuary Program (NEP).  The tour, which also included other local officials and agencies, was designed to update the Congressman on the Partnership’s efforts to restore the bay.

“I am pleased with all the work that is being done by the Barnegat Bay Partnership to ensure the future of the bay,” said Congressman Runyan.  “Barnegat Bay is the life blood to many communities that rely on tourism, one of New Jersey’s largest industries.  Without a clean bay, the tourism industry and the thousands of families and businesses that rely on the industry would be severely threatened.  The Partnership, in conjunction with the National Estuary Program and other local groups, has made great strides in cleaning up Barnegat Bay.  But they understand that there is more work that needs to be done and I am committed to doing all that I can to ensure their success.”

The National Estuary Program (NEP) was created in 1987 from amendments to the Clean Water Act.  The Barnegat Bay Partnership is one of 28 organizations that receive funding from the NEP.  The Partnership, which is a combination of state, federal, and local agencies, just recently finished their 2008 - 2011 strategic plan.  The plan aims to educate the residents on the bay’s condition, addressing the causes of water quality degradation, and non-point source pollution.  The plan also works to address the decline of the local fisheries.  Congressman Runyan has been at the front of the issue to ensure that fisheries across the United States are regulated in a scientific and responsible manner, so as to allow for conservation and fishing at the same time.

Congressman Runyan serves on the Natural Resources Committee and the Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife, Oceans and Insular Affairs.  He is also a member of the House Armed Services Committee and House Veterans Affairs Committee.