Runyan Issues Statement on Future of Lavallette Post Office

Apr 30, 2013

Lavallette, NJ – Today, Congressman Jon Runyan issued the following statement on the United States Postal Service’s (USPS) plan to locate a temporary replacement post office, in place of the Hurricane Sandy damaged former Lavallette post office.  The temporary location is expected to be in Ocean Beach, outside the boundaries of Lavallette:

“The USPS’ decision to locate Lavallette’s temporary post office in Ocean Beach is unacceptable.  The planned temporary location must remain within the boundaries of Lavallette.  According to the Toms River Police Department, the Ocean Beach location presents a ‘public safety hazard,’ stated Runyan.”  “Today I, along with Mayor LaCicero of Lavallette and Toms River Police Chief Mastronardy, met with USPS personnel to express to them the problems present in the Ocean Beach location.  I look forward to working to ensure that the citizens of Lavallette receive an acceptable location for a temporary post office.  With Memorial Day only a number of weeks away this issue needs to be resolved and an acceptable location agreed upon as soon as possible.”

The permanent Lavallette post office was severely damaged last fall during Hurricane Sandy.  The USPS has proposed installing a temporary location north of Lavallette in Ocean Beach.  Many Lavallette residents have expressed concern with this location due to the fact that it lies outside of Lavallette, lacks public parking, and poses a potential public safety risk.

On March 21st, Rep. Runyan wrote the Postmaster General requesting that the Post Office work with the community of Lavallette in order to re-establish postal services, and to provide a timeline for restoration. He has also coordinated with the Post Office to deploy mobile units to ensure postal services are provided locally.

On April 5th, Rep. Runyan received a reply from the USPS stating their intentions to secure a lease at 3191 Route 35 North in Ocean Beach to establish Temporary Emergency Alternate Quarters four-tenths of a mile outside Lavallette. In response, he wrote the USPS requesting a re-evaluation of the temporary location due to the burdens of limited parking, handicap accessibility, and its location outside the municipal limits.

Today, April 30th, Runyan convened a meeting with USPS personnel, Mayor LaCicero of Lavallette and Toms River Police Chief Mastronardy, to discuss problems with the current location and a path forward.